Energy & Gas Sector research

Our sector-specific research includes strategic and business services for private companies, government, and academic agencies operating across East Africa in the oil and gas sector. In addition to providing an overview of facts and trends in the oil and gas sector, Farsight provides up-to-date knowledge of the investment and regulatory environment. Our research provides policy recommendations aimed at ensuring equitable and sustainable development through the efficient and transparent management of extractive resources. In addition to targeted services, Farsight engages in broader policy dialogue and advocacy towards influencing policies and legislation affecting oil and gas resource management through public mobilization, capacity building, as well as effective knowledge management and information sharing.

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Countering Al-Shabaab Propaganda and Recruitment Mechanisms in South Central Somalia

Farsight Africa Research (FAR) conducted a study on Countering Al-Shabaab Propaganda and Recruitment Mechanisms in South Central Somalia. FAR had been contracted by UNSOM which commissioned this study to support and inform the United Nations, the FGS and the international community in the development of programs and campaigns in partnership with local communities. Such programs would strengthen community resilience and build the capabilities of communities and Community Service Organizations (CSOs) against Al-Shabaab...Read More

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