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Farsight Africa Research (FAR) works in partnership with organizations, governments and civil society and policy makers in Security & Conflict Analysis, the Energy & Gas Sectors, and Accountability & Corruption. We undertake research projects in each of these sectors and provide advisory services for investment opportunities, donor programming, and broader competence and skills solutions.

Our team consists of experienced local and international practitioners with a background in strategy, research, project management, and specific industries. They have a deep and unparalleled understanding of the social, cultural and political landscape. We ensure that we can employ the rare commodity of influence to deliver strategic effects, as well as behavioral change among key audiences.

Taken together, Farsight is able to develop and deploy superior interventions that help our clients achieve their strategic objectives. Our service array is comprehensive and we distinguish ourselves by offering end-to-end solutions. We design our offer to match the challenge and the specific effects our clients want delivered. We are impact-led and view measurement of output, performance and effect as an integral part of our programme design.

News and Events

Countering Al-Shabaab Propaganda and Recruitment Mechanisms in South Central Somalia

Farsight Africa Research (FAR) conducted a study on Countering Al-Shabaab Propaganda and Recruitment Mechanisms in South Central Somalia. FAR had been contracted by UNSOM which commissioned this study to support and inform the United Nations, the FGS and the international community in the development of programs and campaigns in partnership with local communities. Such programs would strengthen community resilience and build the capabilities of communities and Community Service Organizations (CSOs) against Al-Shabaab...Read More

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