Case Study Two: Citizens Perceptions on Peace and Stabilization Initiatives in Somalia


au-logoThe main objective of the survey was to gather baseline information to serve as a benchmark against which AMISOM and UNSOM could track shifts in public opinion, to provide relevant, accurate, complete, current and timely information on thematic areas to inform the design of the communication strategy and to measure the effectiveness of the communication campaigns by tracking shifts in opinion and attitudes on thematic areas.


Assess peace and reconciliation process, stabilization process, security sector reform and rule of law institutions, capacity building, governance, coordinated international assistance, the constitution review process and establishment of a federal state and component units, Somali elections scheduled for 2016, demobilization disarmament and reintegration, access to justice and rule of law, protection and promotion of human rights, and political issues i.e. mediations and to support an eventual evaluation of the program.


Survey was conducted in Mogadishu, Kismayo, Belet Weyne, Baidoa and Jowhar and entailed 2000 household interviews.

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